July 19, 2024
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Web Hosting

Web hosting - providing you with a place to put your web site - is the real heart of Just Space. It's easy to get your web site set up on our web server.

What's included with the Web Hosting?
You'll benefit from using our state-of-the-art Windows 2002 servers, which support ASP scripts, Perl scripts, Server-side Includes and JavaScript, and standard HTML pages, among other things. You can use standard Windows ODBC drivers to make use of Microsoft Access databases, or you can use DSNs (Data Source Names) if you want to, to access databases in a more secure way. We can add Microsoft SQL Server databases if you want them, too.

How does it all work?
When you first join JustSpace,Rolex Replica Watches you set up a 'reseller hosting' account. Once you've got that, you can set up web sites (also known as virtual servers) and e-mail services. Each web site gets 50Mb of disk space, and up to 1Gb (that's 1,024Mb) of 'bandwidth' (data transfer, in and out) per month (which also includes incoming and outgoing e-mail messages).

What can be added to it?
We've got a number of options that you might want to add to your site(s) at some stage in the future. These include FrontPage Server Extensions, additional 1Gb monthly bandwidth allowances, additional 50Mb blocks of disk space, SSL encryption, DSNs for Microsoft Access databases, SQL Server databases, and much more.

How much does it all cost?
Everything is charged on an annual basis, payable in advance. The only exception is the additional bandwidth allowances, which are charged the month after they're actually used... Rolex Replica for bandwidth, we simply monitor the data flow to and from your web site and charge accordingly after the end of each month. Every year you'll pay an Account Administration Fee (which is currently ?100), plus the costs of any products and services you're using. So, when you set up your first web site, you'll pay your first Annual Fee, along with the standard virtual server fee. After that, it will be another year before you have to pay an annual fee again. The annual fee covers the administration of your account, products and services, and gives us the flexibility to be able to keep our prices low across the board.

Hosting Account
(payable once a year)
Virtual Server (per year)
(or extra domain name added)
FrontPage Server Extensions
(per year, per site)
SSL Encrypted Website (per year),
Includes certificate & virtual server
Shared SSL directory (per year) ?100
50Mb block of storage space
(per year)
1Gb bandwidth (for one month)
... if purchased before use:
1Gb bandwidth (for one month)
... if purchased after use:
Secured Site or Directory (per year)
inc. one user name & password
Additional user name & password
for a secured directory
(per year, per directory)
DSN for an Access database P.O.A
SQL Database (per year)
inc. user name & password
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